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Privacy Policy

At Vertu, we understand the importance of safeguarding your privacy and creating a smooth, personalized experience while you navigate our website, This policy clarifies how we utilize cookies to fulfill that commitment.

Imagine cookies as tiny reminders placed on your device to help us recognize you upon your return visits. Think of it like remembering your favorite language setting or the products you previously explored. Cookies help us:

  • Recognize you: This saves you time by remembering your preferences and streamlining your browsing experience.
  • Enhance your experience: Functional cookies store your preferences, ensuring a more convenient journey through our website.
  • Gather insights: Performance cookies anonymously collect data on how you interact with our platform. This invaluable information helps us improve website performance and introduce features that cater to your needs.
  • Deliver relevant advertisements: We strive to show you advertisements on our website and other platforms that align with your interests.
  • Connect with your social circle: Social media cookies make it easy to share your Vertu experiences and discoveries with your social networks.

Here's a deeper dive into the types of cookies used on our website:

  1. Essential Cookies (mandatory): These cookies form the backbone of our website, ensuring seamless navigation and completing your purchases with ease. You cannot disable these cookies as they are fundamental to website functionality.
  2. Functional Cookies: Remember your preferred language or the items you viewed recently? These cookies do, too, offer a more tailored and convenient browsing experience.
  3. Performance Cookies: Working tirelessly behind the scenes, these cookies collect anonymous data on your website interactions. This valuable information helps us analyze user behavior and make informed decisions on future website improvements and features.
  4. Advertising Cookies: We use advertising cookies to display relevant advertisements tailored to your interests on our website and across other platforms.
  5. Social Cookies: These cookies facilitate sharing your Vertu finds and stories with your social media networks, allowing you to connect and engage with others who share your passion for Vertu.

Putting you in control

We prioritize your privacy and respect your right to manage your online experience. You can customize how cookies are used on your device through your browser settings. Choose to block all cookies, accept all, or select specific types you feel comfortable with.

Explore our dedicated cookie consent tool for a more comprehensive understanding of the specific cookies used on our website and to manage your cookie preferences.

By understanding how Vertu utilizes cookies and making informed choices, you can personalize your online journey and maximize your experience on our website. We are committed to providing a secure and seamless browsing experience, placing the utmost value on your privacy every step of the way.