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VERTU's comprehensive after-sales service is meticulously designed to ensure a seamless resolution to your product-related concerns. Our commitment is to provide effective support, adhering to clear policies that prioritize your satisfaction. Please review the following detailed guidelines outlining our procedures, terms, and commitments in the realm of after-sales service. Additionally, Vertu provides a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Entrustment of Products

At VERTU, customers are encouraged to entrust their products to our care for after-sales service, as specified in the Service Report/Quotation, also known as the receipt. This process involves the customer and the company collaborating to address and resolve product failures effectively.

Verification Process

To authenticate the product and uphold the integrity of our services, VERTU reserves the right to request copies of the warranty card and/or the original invoice. In cases where a product is identified as not genuine, the company is relieved of the obligation to proceed with repairs.

Policy Adherence

Our after-sales service policies are governed by the conditions outlined in the product's warranty card. In instances where conflicts arise with relevant national laws, the national laws shall prevail.

Data Backup Disclaimer

Customers are urged to inform us in advance if data backup is needed. It's important to note that the company assumes no liability for data loss caused by maintenance operations such as flashing, unlocking, or accessory replacement. Our data backup service is limited to address books, text messages, and photo albums, excluding third-party software data. Additionally, customers must provide the device lock screen password in advance for data backup.

Product Inspection

When customers send their products for repair, a detailed description of the product failure and its current status is required. This information serves as a crucial reference for our maintenance engineers during the detection and repair process. The determination of warranty coverage is made by our maintenance engineers after thorough testing, with the test results prevailing.

Warranty Exclusions

Products found to be damaged due to factors such as moisture, liquid intrusion, falling, unauthorized flashing, disassembly, modification, or man-made damages beyond one year of purchase may be excluded from the VERTU product warranty policy. The VERTU after-sales service center retains the right to refuse repairs for products that have been manually disassembled or modified.

Surface Damages Impact

Obvious surface damages like bumps, falls, scratches, and liquid intrusion can negatively impact the electrical performance of a mobile phone. During disassembly for inspection, faults caused by these damages may be fully revealed. For example:

  • Faults like no display or the inability to make calls may occur.
  • Shattered screens or broken frames require relevant disassembly for damage assessment. Refusal of repair quoting may hinder the VERTU after-sales service center's ability to restore the mobile phone to its original state.

Post-Repair Performance

Repaired products that have been damaged due to moisture, liquid intrusion, falling, manual flashing by non-professionals, man-made disassembly, or man-made damage may exhibit slightly different performance compared to new products. Complete restoration to the original condition cannot be guaranteed.

Post-Warranty Guarantee

For products that have exceeded their warranty period but require repair, the same failure will be guaranteed for three months after the repair.

No Warranty Post-Repair

Products affected by moisture, liquid intrusion, serious damage, or drops may not be eligible for warranty coverage post-repair. The company does not provide warranty assurance after repair due to potential further corrosion or faults.

Accessory Removal

Customers are advised to remove leather cases, pendants, product cards, memory cards, protective cases, protective films, and other accessories before sending their products for repair. It's essential to keep these accessories properly, as the company assumes no responsibility for their safekeeping during or after the repair process.

Quality Assurance

To maintain the highest standards, VERTU guarantees that spare parts used for repairs are sourced from or produced by the original factory after careful inspection. This commitment ensures the longevity and performance of your luxury device.

Post-Repair Delivery

For products that have been repaired post-warranty, the company will deliver the products to the customer after all maintenance fees have been settled. Any deviations from this standard require written agreement from both parties.

Feel free to contact the VERTU After-Sale Service Center through Email support Your trust in VERTU is highly appreciated, and we are dedicated to providing a seamless and satisfactory after-sales service experience.

Best Regards,

VERTU After-Sale Service Center